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Phoenix Business CPA, LLC is an independent Accounting Firm owned & operated by a CPA in Anthem, Arizona and the surrounding area.  We specialize in small business accounting and are looking for new clients.  We are not currently offering tax services but plan to add this service in the future.

About the Owner

Phoenix Business CPA was founded in March 2023 by Matthew Morris, CPA.  Matthew has a wide breadth of accounting experience, covering general ledger accounting, financial analysis and reporting, payroll, billing, corporate tax & more.  He initially began his accounting journey working for a small business in 2005.  After this, he proudly served 10 years in the U.S. Army Reserve.  He returned to civilian life full-time in 2015 after an honorable discharge to focus on his family and accounting career.  He earned a master's degree in accounting & financial management from Keller University on Dunlap & the I-17 in Phoenix as well as a master's certificate in business administration.  Since his return, he has worked for large corporations as an accountant, most recently as a Controller for Cemex USA alongside founding an independent accounting firm.  He received his credentials as a Certified Public Accountant in Arizona in Novemeber of 2022.  Overall, he has over 10 years of accounting experience.

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